Shoulder Spaulders-$50 single $90 pair

Tough leather shoulder spaulders with adjustable buckle straps. Suitable for SCA combat.

Available in Black or Brown, red and green per availability.

Molded Leather Spaulders - $75 Single, $140 Pair

Made of thick 13/15 oz armour grade leather.  Available in black, brown, red, and green

Dragonscale Armor
Dragonscale Armor

Dragonscale Armor-$275

Hand cut leather scales make this an impressive piece. Buckles at the sides, available in black or brown. May require extra time to ship.

Dragonscale War Skirt

Dragonscale War Skirt $45

Protect your most important assets. Hang a war skirt from the front, rear, or sides of your belt to add protection and style to your armor. Decorative concho may vary.

Gothic Armor
Gothic Armor -- back

Gothic Armor- $140

Leather armor in large scaled plates for front and back coverage. Buckles at sides.

Add decorative conchos in place of center rivets-+$35

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