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Swordsman's Coat Swordsman coat. Full length coat with clasp front and lace up sides. Sides expand or tighten to fit for several sizes. Medium fits at about a size 2x shirt, or a 42 inch chest, but will comfortably fit someone a size smaller or a size larger, using the expanding side laces. Sizes also include Small, Large, and X-Large. Colors vary based on stock. Two tone checkerboard color styles available.
$250.00 base price, price may vary for custom colors based on leather costs.              
X-Large $265

Templar and Hospitaller style Swordsman Classic templar style with white leather and red cross. Hospitaller in black with white cross Can be custom colored for you.
$275.00 for most sizes $290.00 X-Large
Hospitaler      Templar Swordsman
Hooded Ranger TunicHooded Ranger Tunic:
This leather tunic features a sewn on hood, lace-up, adjustable sides, and easy to take on/off clasps on the front. Available colors may vary, but generally include Black, Brown, and Green. Email for other colors and availability.

Size Small, Medium, Large:$245 X-Large:$265

Doublet Doublet:
Clasp up front and lace up sides. Medium fits at about a size 2x shirt, or a 42 inch chest, but will comfortably fit someone a size smaller or a size larger, using the expanding side laces. Look your best at the faire or escorting a Lady about the dance floor. Colors vary based on stock. 

Bodice Dress

Leaf Bodice

Bodice Dress: Rough cut ladies bodice dress for everyone from barbarian to Celt. Also good for clubbing, biking, whatever your tastes. Colors vary. Available in size 6,  8, 12, 16, and 20. Sides lace to fit larger or in between sizes.
$145 plain black with clasp closings.

Leaf Bodice Dress- $160

Halter SetLeather Halter and Ladies' War Skirt - Great for hot weather, belly dancing, or even charging the rampaging hordes, stay comfortable in this soft leather halter top.  Pair it with the longer, softer, ladies war skirt (comes with front and back) for a look that says both, "Come hither" and, "Make the wrong move and I'll shove a spear up your nose." One size fits most.  Email any size concerns.  Color options may vary, email for available or custom colors.

Halter - $50
Warskirt - $88
Set of both - $125
Leather Waist Cincher Leather Waist Cincher: Build your own Size!
This versatile lace cincher is made up of 2 front panels, and different sizes of back panels that lace up to fit a wide variety of people. Measure your waist just under your bust and at your waist for best size. Available in black, or other colors by special order.
$45 -  $65 depending on size/number of panels needed.
Pirate Coat Leather Pirate Coat: $475
Perfect for the Swashbuckler who wants to look his best. This coat is over a full hides of leather, and features real pockets, and buttons of your choice on the sleeves, pockets and gores. Give us your chest size and we will choose a size to fit. Colors depend on whats in stock. This is a special order item and may take some time to finish.
Gauntlet gloves

Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlet Gloves
Gauntlet Gloves- $45 pair
Black leather gloves perfect for swordfighting.
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
Witch / Wizard Hat Leather Witch/Wizard Hat- $70
Whether attending Hogwarts or Unseen University, taking a flight around Oz, Lancre, or Great A'Tuin, no Wizard or Witch should go anywhere without their pointy hat. Sewn with wire in the brim for shaping. One size fits most. Black, other colors as available.
Sherwood Hat

Sherwood Forest hat:
For every master archer and outlaw. Made of soft garment leather with a pheasant feather. Usually in stock in Black. Other colors may be available, email for details.
Dread Pirate Mask Dread Pirate Mask - As you wish.
A good way to keep your secrets and show only that you are a decent fellow who hates to die. Leather mask on cloth bandana. One size fits most. Iocane powder not included.
$15.00 each
Viking Helmet Barbarian Headgear-Studded leather viking style headgear, with decorative concho at bridgepoint. Choose from any of the designs available.
leaf mask
moon mask
butterfly mask
Skull Mask
Hand Sewn Soft Leather Masks $10 each
Available in many color options and combinations, email for details.
Leaf, Moon, Butterfly, and Skull designs.
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