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Special Orders/Custom:

We get asked a lot if we do custom orders. The answer is, yes, depending on what it is, and when.  Over the past few years, our faire schedule has gotten more and more hectic, and I just don't have the time for much custom work from March until November. If its a minor adjustment to an existing item, I can probably do it without any problem. If you have a project that starts from scratch, or a major revision to one of my designs, then I will probably not be able to work on it until the end of the faire season, between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.

  Also, understand, starting a new design requires more work than just assembling the item. Often it means creating a pattern, testing and revising the pattern until its right, before I make the actual item. I will try to keep costs reasonable as always, but if you ask for a custom job, I will ask you to pay me for the time and effort I put into it. That said, send me your designs, and I will give you an estimated quote and timeframe, and we will go from there. If we agree, I ask for all custom orders to be paid at least half up front. Below are some of the custom jobs I have done, or items that you can special order that are not part of common stock. Any questions, email at

Sheepskin Cloak "Winter is Coming" Cloak
Real sheepskin mantle with cloth cloak. Email for availability.
Winter Is Coming
Leather Cloak Leather Cloak
Leather Wrapped Shield Leather wrapped shield
Skull spaulder Skull Spaulder
Pirate Chest Pirate Chest
Custom Demon Armor Custom Demon Armor
Custom Hordak/Masters of the Universe Armor Custom Hordak/Master of the Universe Armor
King Joffrey Baratheon coat King Joffrey Baratheon coat
Shadow Thief Armor Shadow Thief Armor
Leather Ranger Tunic Leather Ranger Tunic
Squirrrrrrell Powered baldric(Don't ask) Squirrrrrrrell Powered baldric (Don't Ask)
Top Hat Leather Top Hat- $130
This top hat is hand cut and sewn. Perfect for Steampunk, cosplay, or any other occasion.
Black or Brown, other colors as available. S, M, L. May require extra time to ship.
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